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With every 2,000 Baht spent at Yuzu Ramen,

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at all YUZU RAMEN (ยูซุราเมน) branches across Thailand

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The Best Ramen in Bangkok

The mixture of the original “Ramen” recipe with premium ingredients Blended with the zesty kick Thai style

And the “Art” of creating our own secret recipes Revolutionizing the Ramen World for you to enjoy this New Gen Ramen that is like no other!

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taste 11/11/2018

It's Ramen Time!

It’s time for ramen lovers to experience the newly opened ramen shop “Yuzu Ramen Thailand” at Siam Square Soi 3. The Japanese authentic Yuzu orange ramen soup that is both smooth and spicy has also been adapted to please our Thai customers.

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place 11/11/2018

Yuzu Ramen

Ramen gets a zesty kick at this Siam Square spot. Easily spotted by the huge 3D Maneki Neko cat frontage, Yuzu Ramen offers Siam Square’s latest take on Japanese fare.

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taste 11/11/2018

Yuzu Ramen, the Great Taste of...

Forget the usual taste of ramens altogether because “Yuzu Ramen” is ready to offer you a brand-new experience of ramens that will make you fall in love with, even the owner guarantees the authenticity of the great taste of originality that will please Thai taste buds that cannot be found anywhere else.

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